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Pioneers of Transportation

Will capture the inspirational saga of courageous pioneers who have paved the way. In order for children and adults to have a deeper understanding and appreciation of transportation as we move toward Detroit`s brighter future.

It opens and closes with the resurgent electric streetcar implementation across our nation. Scott Joplin timely music of the the 1890s accompanies it. Then I will delve into the genesis of transportation and chronicle it`s various modes and the pioneers significant contributions. Such as:

James Forten - important sailing innovation

William Monroe – famous stagecoach driver

Elija McCoy – Automatic Lubricator

George Westinghouse – Air Brake system

Frank Sprague – Electric Traction system

Harriet Tubman – Underground Railroad

Unheralded Sandhogs – Construction of Bridges & Tunnels

Cornelius Henderson – Construction Engineer for Detroit Windsor Tunnel & Ambassador Bridge

Henry Ford – Automobile mass production Plant

Richard Spikes – Automobile Automatic Transmission

The presentation is best suited for students 8k-12k and adults.

Genius Has No Color

About the Life and Extraordinary Innovative Legacy of Claude Harvard.How Claude Harvard modernized Ford Motor Company through automation during the 1930s

“A View of the Past with a Focus on the Present & Future”

My new presentation “A View of the Past with a Focus on the Present & Future”, reveals how Granville T. Woods laid the foundation in Wireless Communication, Electric Motor Regulation, and Electric Transportation.  My Colleague Dr. Terrance Dillard brings to light the significant contributions and African American Innovators’ pivotal role in modernizing society. David L. Head is available for In- Radio Interviews, Book signing, and Granville T. Woods Project presentations. As the researcher, Author, and curator of the GTW Project, it`s always a privilege and delight to showcase Mr. Woods inspirational saga to your specific location.

Terrance Dillard

Terrance Dillard is the founding President of the North Oakland Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA), which is located in Auburn Hills, Michigan. As a 25-plus year veteran of Information Technology, Management Information Systems, and Information Assurance, Dr. Dillard has serviced the information management needs of K-12 Educators, as well as small to midsized enterprises throughout the Southeast Michigan region.

Prior to establishing Dillard Systems LLC, Dr. Dillard served as Director of Information Technology, and Chief Technology Officer for several privately owned firms throughout the State of Michigan. Terrance continues to engage industry in many capacities as an Information Technology Consultant and Information Security Practitioner. He is an Adjunct Professor for several institutions of higher learning, including Walsh College, and Lawrence Technological University. Terrance has facilitated courses in Management Information Systems, Information Technology, and Information Security at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Dr. Dillard is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Information Systems, Master of Science degree in Information Assurance, and Doctor of Philosophy in Information Technology.

Terrance is an active member of the Association for Computing and Machinery (ACM), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), International Information Systems Security Consortium (ISC2), Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Society for Computing and Information Science (UPE), Association for the Study of African American Life and History (ASALH), and Tuskegee Airmen Incorporated (TAI). In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, friends, reading, and playing jazz guitar.

GTW Presentation

The GTW Presentation is a combination of:

GTW Subway Centennial Commemorative Exhibit- Four 9×6 color panelsCostume PowerPointIntroduction to newly release illustrative book- speaking on what was the source that inspired himTelly Award GTW DocumentaryMemorabilia collectiblesA petition to have a US Commemorative Stamp.

“A View to the Past with a Focus on the Present and Future” In a Common Core Way

It`s important to bring to light the significant discoveries, innovations and inventions African American made in shaping our nation progress.

The first part of the costume presentation reveals the purpose why David L. Head, historian and writer devoted twelve years researching the extraordinary life of (Unsung Hero) Granville T. Woods. That enable GTW to finally receive acknowledgement and proper recognition for:*

Metropolitan Transportation Authority Sponsorship of 2004 Subway Centennial Granville T. Woods Commemorative Exhibit,* 4 million Granville T. Woods Commemorative Metro Cards ( 2 million in Spanish )* 2009: Brooklyn Street renamed ” Granville T. Woods Way ”* 2010: Transit News Telly Award for Granville T. Woods documentary,* 2013: Granville T. Woods African American Communication and Transportation Pioneer, an illustrated book for young readers, highlighting Woods` struggles and achievements, was recently published.

Mr. Head then begins his PowerPoint presentation that explains how GTW lays the foundation in: Wireless Communication, Electric Motor Regulation and Electric Transportation which was pivotal during the Industrial Age and still resonances today. The main objectives is to inspire and encourage the youth to cultivate their own talents, to stay in school and seek higher education and be determine to achieve their dreams.

Dr. Terrance Dillard, will promptly follow with his presentation. His research has shown that an awareness of historical facts has proven to be beneficial in elevating self-image and personal confidence in ones potential to be successful. With this premise in mind, Dr. Dillard focuses his engagement on familiarizing the audience with the myriad contributions of Africans to the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). His goal is to lifts the spirit and affirms to young and old that Africans have made tremendous contributions to civilizations and continues to do so today.

The entire time of the Exhibit is about 1 hour and 10 minutes. For more information on booking please contact the DLH Foundation: (917) 517-1770 | [email protected]