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We stand on the shoulders of our proud,

courageous ancestors.

The David L. Head Foundation is a 501C3- non-for-profit organization established to ensure that the legacies of minority founders of America are not lost. Oftentimes, these contributions have been excluded from historical citation and therefore its important to bring to light their significant roles in shaping the American experience.

Our flagship Granville T. Woods Project

This project is a unique production that skillfully highlight the principal contributions of an African American inventor whose life exemplifies hard work, persistence, commitment, and dedication to his goals. The Subway Centennial exhibit provides insight into how Mr. Woods used his electrical genius to improve the quality of life for a nation and a society.

Mr. Woods legacy is an encouraging message especially to youth, and this exhibit is valuable in its historical perspective.

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Our presentations capture the inspirational saga of courageous pioneers who have paved the way. Through their works, we have a deeper understanding and appreciation of transportation.

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Granville T. Woods

African American Communication and

Transportation Pioneer

This “Book on Tour” Exhibit, is now available. Contact us today to purchase copies for your school, library, bookstore, or Museum’s gift shop.

Meet the Founder

David L. Head

Founder, The David L. Head Foundation

"Always having a fascination of history and propensity toward writing, I decided to give back by joining the Transport Workers Union Local 100 Black History Committee in 1991...."

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MTA Centennial Celebration

Subway Centennial GTW Commemorative Exhibit | 2004

Granville T Woods was honored by MTA Chairman Peter S Kalikow and MTA NYC Transit President Lawrence G. Reuter, as a display and exhibit celebrating his inventive genius was unveiled at the MTA’s 2 Broadway building in Lower Manhattan.

Granville T. Woods Street naming

The naming of Granville T. Woods Way | April 17th 2008

April 17, 2008 the renaming of Stillwell Avenue and Mermaid Avenue by the Council of The City of New York took place. The unveiling was held in Brooklyn, New York.

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