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The past, present, and future- it's all connected.

Far too much of our history has been stolen, disseminated and capitalize into glorified mythical characters and events. While the original saga remains untold.

A perfect example would be the “Lone Ranger ” and blockbuster movie ” DJango Unchained “. Which was actually based upon one of the greatest US marshals ( 37 ) of the old western frontier. A six feet two inch, broad shoulder with muscular arms and thick mustache an African American named Bass Reeves!

The DLH Foundation is committed to take on the responsibility to define, interpret, and claiming our rich golden legacy. With a wide selection of Black Heritage products such as:

* Award winning Illustrative books for young readers * Colorful illuminated puzzles & board games * Beautiful mosaic Art – capturing the black family * Commemorative & Inspirational Tee shirts, Sweatshirts and Hoodies & Posters

rter G. Woodson the father of ” Black History Week “, a courageous visionary with deep insight made a profound statement that still rings loud, clear, and true today. ” Their are two ways a person receives an education. One is given to you the other you give to yourself.

Our goal is to inspire the next generation to embrace and define that historic reality. Whether it`s a spiritual penetrating poem that stirs ones inner emotions, a thought provoking short story praising our great ancestors or a captivating  play that brings alive a dramatic story on stage with colorful costumes and soulful folks songs. That’s why we must become the primary authors in shaping African American history.

We also make history come alive with the GTW Project duel presentation & Science Saturday


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A small donation monthly does big things for young students. It`s a powerful way for people and small business in the community to have a part in inspiring students to stay in school and let them know we really care.