The David L. Head Foundation

Metro Steam Collective

The MSC mission is to foster and encourage youth to establish a culture of self-empowerment by strengthening and expending their knowledge of steam education through hands-on operational methods. Thus acquiring knowledge through the progression of learning.

Passion + Academic Application = Maximized Learning

MSC ignites passion for STEAM education, by immersing students in an advanced STEAM environment, and assisting each individual to realize a finished, professional product in an atmosphere of encouragement.

MSC is a multi-dimensional program that fills the STEAM void by providing an innovative learning environment that responds to the needs of underprivileged and educationally disadvantaged youth in Detroit.

Our STEAM Team has designed a project-based curriculum which integrates the arts and sciences in an experiential-learning format for after school programs.

MSC believes that developing essential 21st century skills (collaboration, creativity, critical thinking and communication) in our youth must become a part of the infrastructure of our educational system.

The overall program structure is based on a 6-8 after school course: 2-days a week; 1.5 hours each day.At the end of the first week, MSC provides the prospective students with a 1st, 2nd & 3rd ranking options list based on program presentations.  We can then place the students in the selected class and also insure that instructors do not have too many or too few students.

OUR VISION: To create a steam culture pipeline for students to experience character development, a positive attitude, the ability to identify steam literacy and promote self-worth needed to change the trajectory of their lives.

SHORT TERM & LONG TERM OBJECTIVES: Expose Students to STEAM Interdisciplines with project base experts, Spark their imagination thru constructive hands-on activities, enhance their ability in analytical thinking and decision making, Create a fertile environment utilizing pictures and videos, Inspire/Motivate curious young minds to optimize data for a STEAM presentation.