The David L. Head Foundation

“David Head and Dr. Terrance Dillard donate their weekends to make it possible for the Museum to offer our renowned Meet the Scientist series. This series encourages curious students, young Elijah McCoys, and future digital generation leaders to develop an interest in scientific and technology-based careers. These two extraordinary gentlemen, like Mary McLeod Bethune, understand the value of educating our young. By assuring the participation of different types of mentors, student’s minds have been exposed to chemistry, robotics, information systems and more. Like Mary McLeod Bethune, they have created a classroom to teach our most vulnerable children- and like her, their work will continue to bear fruit for years to come. Tonight, we show our appreciation to Terrance and David with this prestigious award. We thank you for your deeply personal commitment to creating exciting avenues to educate our youth, as well as for your willingness to give of yourselves. Kudos to you both …DR. TERRENCEDILLARD and DAVID HEAD”

GTW Queens Gazette Article


Stem Appreciation Award