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About the genesis of the GTW Project

It began one quiet winter evening in November of 1996. At home, while viewing a PBS documentary on the Transportation Rail Industry in America, I noticed that there was no mention of the African-American contributions. Deep feelings of anger mixed with frustrations stirred within me. I began to remember as a child my troubling history lessons, which left me feeling invisible.

In a world, which is so diverse, one would expect that history be painted with a much broader brush. Too many of our African American pioneers have been passed over or mentioned briefly, devoid of personality, with no human sense of their unyielding dreams in the face of enormous adversity. Can someone, in God`s name, tell me why our significant American deeds are still continuously suppressed today?

I feel the time has come when we, the living dream of our enslaved, deprived ancestors, must take on the responsibility by telling their incredible saga. If only simply for the sake of our children so that they may believe, through their young precious eyes, in their own true potential. Disturbed and upset by their omission, I slowly began to research and assemble facts on the African American presence in transportation. Lo and behold what I discovered would surely make my children and all parents proud.

In my search I came across a courageous pioneer who pressed on with his dreams during a very difficult historical period of race relations. As I began to look deeper into the life of this man, I became truly amazed by his achievements. I grew to admire this forgotten genius that had been totally excluded from the New York transit annals.

Black history should not be regulated outside of the American experience but rather at the core of its existence. Granville T. Woods voice yells out, echoing in my mind to reveal his untold saga. So began my journey……..

YAMANI PICTURES  presents Granville T. Woods­ The Movie

Chairman of Yamani Global Equities is in the process of a capital raise for its sub- company Yamani Pictures for the production and distribution of the Granville T. Woods Story.  After Robert Yasin Wright read the book entitled African-American Communications and Transportation Pioneer, by David L. Head, a decision was made to move forward in the making of this Film.

After years of success in the entertainment industry producing and/or accompanying on albums for Al B. Sure, Patti LaBelle, and the New Edition Reunion Album.  Robert Yasin Wright decided to incorporate his unique background in music production and marketing, for such companies as Motown Records and Get Real Records, with his NY Film Academy degree.  Robert’s directing experience includes the short film “The Transaction and a music video for The Murder One Squad for New Breed Entertainment.  Most recently, Robert wrote the screenplay for Only the Hood Dies Young, and utilizing his numerous industry Contacts, has been able to secure the interest of numerous celebrities to act in the Film.  Robert has also been producing the music and outlining a score for Only the Hood Dies Young.  Robert’s creative passion and vision, practical experience, intimate knowledge of the industry, integrity, and ability to think outside the box will successfully bring this innovative and inspiring film to life.  Robert currently resides in New York.

Mr. Wright feels and I quote, “It is imperative that this story be told, so that future generations can have access to the Granville T. Woods contribution to society.  We need a wide platform in order to reach the masses.”

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